While nothing beats hands-on learning in the field, or from experts at our workshops, we are happy to offer online learning resources for you to explore!  Click on any of the topics below that interest you, have fun, and let us know if you can't find what you're looking for!

Low Impact Development (LID) is a stormwater management strategy that emphasizes conservation and use of existing natural site features integrated with distributed, small-scale stormwater controls.  Find factsheets, informational videos, and more here!

Rain gardens are a beautiful and effective mode of decentralized storm-water management.  

Learn about proper planting technique for restoring stream banks, the importance of flora and shade over streams, plus find a link to a brochure on salmon-friendly habits!

This 17-minute video demonstrates:

  • Planting techniques for livestakes (cuttings), bare root, and potted plants

  • Proper hole preparation

  • Short- and long-term maintenance considerations

  • Tool safety

  • Streamside etiquette

This video explores the transitional shoreline area linking terrestrial uplands and the marine environment of the Puget Sound Region

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We have many bookshelves full of resources for native gardens, rain gardens, stormwater management, restoration, conservation and other environmentally-minded subjects.