Our Board

Some volunteers have special skills in finance and tech that we need to expand and support our projects, some are seasoned leaders looking who feel passionately about our mission, and these are the types of volunteers who join the Native Plant Salvage Foundation Board.

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Kim Klint

I got involved with Native Plant Salvage through their salvage events, which I attended to get plants for my own restoration projects.

I started with salvages but I have been involved with NPSF's restoration work and plant nursery, in addition to board duties.

I am Canadian and proud of it!


Danni Connor

I bought a house in 2014 that needed lots of work both inside and out.  The yard was full of English ivy, weeds, blackberries, and layers and layers and layers of buried blue tarp!  Once I cleaned out the yard I was determined to make it environmentally sound.  This led me to take a class on native plant landscaping which in turn led me to a NPSF plant sale which led to a plant salvage and work in our nursery.

I joined the NPSF Board simply because I was asked, but more importantly I was hooked: on the idea of rescuing plants, learning about my environment and teaching others, playing in dirt, and working with an awesome group of people.  I feel fortunate to be a part of a group which is making a difference one plant, class, and sale at a time.


Meredith Poehlitz

What I love about NPSF is that it's a way to learn more about native plants and, in the process, protect/improve the environment in the South Sound. I also love our age mix of volunteers & the opportunity to get together with other “plant lovers.”

I'm also involved in NPSF classes, restoration work, Storm Water Stewards and plant ID walks.

Fun fact: I spent 4 summers as a forest fire lookout surrounded by native plants in the wilds of SW Oregon


Erika Whitney

On my own, I've stood on top of a 19,500 foot mountain peak, but NPSF provides opportunities to spend time outdoors with wonderful people, for a good cause! This small organization brings together incredibly passionate board members, volunteers from near and far, local students and classes to create a community footprint far larger than our size. I chose to join the board so I could better support the engine that drives the Native Plant Salvage's community outreach, restoration and education events. I've participated in all the activities, but my favorites are the Native Plant Salvages and the Holding Beds Work Parties!