Sunday, June 23rd, 10am-2pm

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Support NPSF and learn some of the magic secrets that make the Westrups’ grounds a restorative haven for plants, animals and humans alike. Enjoy guided or self-directed garden tours, educational displays, rich tapestries of plant combinations, and “Top Tips” from the gardeners!

Laura & Warren Westrup have created a glorious and diverse landscape inspired by a NPSF Naturescaping class!

The Master Gardener and Landscape Architect couple went to work to rapidly transform their new homestead into a water-, fire- and ecosystem-savvy sanctuary. Now having come full circle, the Westrups want to share their experiences with the our community to inspire everyone to take action.

We are seeking volunteer help to prepare for the Garden Open on: Friday, June 14 & Thursday, June 20 starting at 9am.

We are also seeking Garden Docents for our Garden Open Event!

Email Samantha at if you are interested in participating!

The Westrups have taken many steps to convert their landscape; here are a few that highlight their ecosystem-savvy choices:

  • Removed 1.5 acres of lawn using sheet-mulching methods and converted old lawn into beautiful, habitat-friendly, fire-wise, native and water-wise plantings.

  • Created organically-managed outdoor living/entertaining spaces plus streams, ponds, dry streambeds and more for habitat, water drainage management, and serenity.

  • Used permeable pavements to manage all stormwater onsite.

  • Recycled old pavements, fencing, soils, and more to save money while creating earth-friendly hardscaping.