Darlin Creek Preserve Stewardship Projects

We started work on this site on Martin Luther King Jr. Day of Service in 2017, and have continuing stewardship and planting activities with Capitol Land Trust through the end of 2018! 

To stay posted on opportunities to eradicate Scot's Broom and other invasive species and replace them with native plants, sign up for our volunteer bulletin

To learn more about this site, visit Capitol Land Trust's info page.

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All events run 10 AM - 3:30 PM - Volunteers are welcome to come for as long or as little time as you want to!

Thanks to all the amazing volunteers who make this happen


Carting in barrows full of mulch from a mile up the road


Volunteers flashing smiles between each snowberry planting


The rain missed us the day of the footbridge planting


Our weather for MLK Day of Service 2018 was perfect


Our ambitious volunteers cleared more Scot's broom than we could ever have expected!


Feelings of enmity for weeds cross generational divides