Providing hands-on education to protect and conserve water resources and habitat from the South Sound prairies to the shores of the Puget Sound.

The Native Plant Salvage Project was started in 1994 to involve Thurston County residents in direct action to protect water resources and improve habitat. Now we interact with communities all throughout the Salish Sea.

Our mission is to promote the use, preservation, knowledge, and appreciation of native plants in the landscape through action and education.

Through field projects and educational activities we work to restore vegetation, re-create habitat, and preserve existing flora. We teach community members to create more layered and diverse landscapes using native and drought-tolerant plants, thereby increasing the amount of rainwater that soaks into the soil to recharge groundwater aquifers and reducing the need for chemical pesticides, fertilizers and supplemental irrigation.

Who We Are: The Native Plant Salvage Foundation is a non-profit, 501(c) (3) charitable organization, founded in 2000 to help raise funds for the work of the Native Plant Salvage Project; which is entirely supported by local contributions, grants and contract work and is a program of WSU Extension Thurston County and directed by Erica Guttman.

The Native Plant Salvage Foundation is guided by a volunteer board of directors and supported by a small but mighty crew of volunteers, supporters, educators and community partners.  The foundation is also supported by AmeriCorps members from the Washington Service Corps.

What We Do In the words of longtime supporter Lydia Beth: 

“Our education, training and advocacy work give citizens a direct, hands-on opportunity to do something to improve water quality, conserve natural resources, reduce pesticide use, and influence people’s appreciation of the natural world.”

As our name implies, we organize “salvages” during the winter months at sites that are soon to be developed. However, our program areas expand far beyond our winter salvages.

At the Native Plant Salvage Foundation Nursery (aka the Holding Beds) we propagate plants and store salvaged plants for use in future revegetation and green stormwater projects.

Our work encompasses:

  • Environmental restoration

  • Plant salvages

  • Plant identification training

  • Education programs for groups, schools, or whoever is curious

  • Creating proactive community partnerships

  • Sustainable landscaping/naturescaping

  • Green Stormwater Infrastructure (GSI)/Low-Impact Development (LID)

Check out Learning Resources, Events or Contact us if you’d like to know more.